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Topic: Future of Europe

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Topic: Florida School Shooting

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Wilcuma tó ţa Engliscan Geatweg

Welcome to the Englisc Gateway - A gateway to England, and all things Englisc.

The Englisc Gateway aims to provide you with information related to the ethnic English cause. We offer free artwork, an online community, an English directory, news, blogs, articles....

Note: For best results, the Englisc Gateway website is best viewed with a modern web browser, e.g Firefox or Opera. Please ensure your browser is up to date. We also recommend a decent screen resolution.

Website Update

Apr 05 2017 12:00 AM | Comments (71) | By Seaxan


The Englisc Gateway is currently in the process of a complete revamp and upgrade. Because of this, parts of the site have been disabled. The forum however, is still open and available.
I will post further updates as they happen!


New users / Forthcoming website update

Jan 17 2014 09:30 PM | Comments (37) | By Seaxan


Hello all,
I've a couple of things to mention regarding the site and new user registrations. First up, I'll now be deleting new user registrations if they fail to fill in a set amount of profile information, or they use some obscure wording to describe their ethnicity. I've decided to make this change due to a number of recent membership requests with a blank profile and strange ethnicity. If people can't make the effort to fill out a few of their hobbies, or location, then I can't be bothered to validate their account.
Secondly, I'll be updating the site again to adhere to the latest web technologies. I don't have an exact timeline for the update, but I would estimate it to be sometime during the spring.


Stamford Bridge 2013 Victory moot

Sep 23 2013 03:05 PM | Comments (25) | By Seaxan


I'd like to express a big thanks to all those that attended the 2013 Stamford Bridge Moot. As usual, we all had a great weekend, and it was nice to catch up over a couple of beers and some nice English grub at the Three Cups bar and restaurant. I've personally never tasted a better boar burger.
Our day kicked off at 11 am where we met for a few pints and a chat. We stayed for the battle re-enactment, and it was nice to hear the positive comments regarding the number of White Wyrm and dragon flags on display. This gave us some time to educate a few members of the public which is always a bonus. It's also nice to see that not all reenactors follow the civic mindset.
It's a shame that the commentary concentrated on the Viking element of the battle again. Also, we were referred to as the Saxons rather than the English. Hopefully we can address this in the future. However, it's great to see this event gaining popularity, and it's also nice to see more additions, namely a longboat on display in the village which was decorated with a White Dragon flag thanks to one of our members. 
There were also the usual assortment of stalls, although I personally think there's room for improvement.


White Wulf Workshop

Sep 01 2013 10:55 PM | Comments (4) | By Seaxan


It's time for a change. After much thought, I've decided to disband White Wulf Merchandise as it currently stands. I want to prove that the Englisc Gateway is a non-profit website. We're not in it for the money, we're in it for the survival of England and the the English people. Any profits will be placed back into the running of the site.
White Wulf Merchandise will relaunch as the White Wulf Workshop, which will be more fitting for the route I wish to take. I'll be creating unique items which can be purchased if required for an amount that's realistic for both of us, i.e they'll be no fixed prices.
I'll update the workshop page when I create a new item, providing pictures of how it was made etc. This will make each item more personal.


New theme (look) coming soon....

Jun 02 2013 12:00 AM | Comments (13) | By Seaxan


Hello minions,
I'm working on a new look for the site. The current blue you see is the default software theme. I obviously want to get back to a nice English red theme. So, over the next few days, I'll change the site over to the new theme.


Help for Heroes

May 23 2013 10:10 AM | Comments (9) | By Seaxan


Well, as you all know, two cowardly muslim terrorists savagely butchered Lee Rigby in Woolwich yesterday. I'd like to take this opportunity to personally offer my condolences to Lee's family. Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was he specifically targeted? Only time will tell. It's a horror that was expected due to the failings of the "British" government. Sadly, I doubt this will be a one-off. We must all remain vigilante and prepared, as this is an act of war against the English people. If it was an act of war against the government, they would have butchered a politician.

I'd also like to ask any members that have a spare few quid hidden down the couch, to donate to the Help for Heroes charity as a show of respect to the fallen soldier.



The end of the Witan

May 09 2013 07:00 PM | Comments (56) | By Seaxan


After some thought, I've decided to shut down the Witan. The decision follows the fact that a few Witan members have left the site, and also due to the fact that those that are left, aren't active that much. It's nothing personal against any Witan members, I just feel that it has run its course.

All former Witan members have automatically been placed in the Shieldwall group.

I hope any former Witan members that have left come back and visit in the future. I can assure you that the Englisc Gateway is not, and never will be a Nazi site. It's an open forum, for open discussion. The forum has always been based around free speech, and I don't plan on changing this policy.


We are the English PDF

Oct 29 2012 04:40 PM | Comments (25) | By Seaxan


The English-Gateway is hosting an informative PDF document on behalf of Steed and Weland. Please feel free to download it, print it and spread the word.

We are the English. A simple statement. Neither you nor I can deny the truth of that - or reasonably claim that there is no English ethnicity or Nation. Ever since the ancestors of the modern English people crossed the north sea and conquered a new homeland, that land has had their name: England, Land of the English.

Yet a quick glance shows that the modern system we live under ignores the truth of that simple statement - there is neither an English Parliament to provide equal representation to inhabitants of England, nor any recognition of the English folk as a separate ethnicity on the United Kingdom census. The British government goes as far as to deny that the British Isles contain any native peoples. Perhaps this is because in recognising the ethnically English as the native people would entitle them - under a United Nations declaration - to the right "not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture"1 . Or the right to "control... their educational systems"2 and "To belong to an indigenous community or nation."3

Do you feel you have been granted these rights? Neither do we.

These are hard times to be English. In a time of widespread unemployment, being denied a job because of our ethnicity4 bites deep. In a time when our culture is under threat, being denied the right to fly our people's flag cuts to the bone5. With an uncertain future ahead, having to send our children to a school where they will be last in line for help - while time and money is lavished on other ethnic groups - is heartbreaking6. Knowing that our ethnicity puts us at the back of the queue for welfare and council housing7 - welfare paid for by OUR taxes, houses built by OUR men - is a slap in the face.


Battle 2012

Sep 02 2012 04:10 PM | Comments (34) | By Seaxan


For those that are planning to attend the Battle event this year, here's a recap of last years and the 2010 meet. Thanks to Penda Of Teotta's Halh for the video.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

As you can see, it's a great family event and I personally highly recommend it if you're able to get there. Plenty of ale, food and good company.


Spong Hill

Jul 14 2012 09:25 PM | Comments (4) | By Seaxan


Spong Hill is an Anglo-Saxon burial site located in Norfolk. The main excavation of the site was carried out between the 1960s and the 1980s. The site contains 2441 burials and 2400 artefacts. Of the artefacts recovered, Spong Man has to be the greatest find, although other items range from gaming pieces to brooches and even a sword.

Posted Image


White Slavery and the National Curriculum

Jun 26 2012 03:40 PM | Comments (32) | By Seaxan


After reading through my daughter's school history homework, I was astounded by the fact that for the last four months, the curriculum has been focused entirely on black slavery. There's obviously nothing in her homework to balance it out, i.e the discussion of any other form of slavery. On a side note, she was taught about the Magna Carta, although that managed to make up a measly half a page.

She didn't have a clue about white slavery, and I'm going to bet on the fact that 99% of school children won't know about it either. Also, her homework portrays all slave masters as evil, greedy white devils. What about the black slave masters? This is just another example of equality and government brainwashing, not to mention the white guilt issues that our children will have embedded in their heads.

Isn't it time these chains were broken? I've written to the teacher to ask if my daughter could now be taught about the white slave trade, although I won't be holding my breath.

Shouldn't blacks be apologising to blacks? Shouldn't Muslims be apologising to the world? White guilt? not in my house.


Supporting Margaret Walker

Jun 21 2012 05:30 PM | Comments (19) | By Seaxan


73 year old disabled Margaret Walker has been summoned to court for distributing a factual leaflet highlighting anti-white bias, political correctness and muslim paedophile gangs. Further proof that freedom of speech no longer exists in England, and that we now live in a police state. We'd like to congratulate Margaret on her courage and efforts made to expose those responsible. We'd also like to express our disgust at all the jobsworths involved in their attempts to brandish her with an ASBO.

Posted Image


#Justice4Charlene June 9th 2012 Blackpool

Jun 01 2012 10:55 PM | Comments (15) | By Seaxan


Help campaign for a re-trial of the defendants and get Justice for Charlene.

If anybody is able to attend, please do as support is needed.


The irony of equality

May 17 2012 07:20 PM | Comments (44) | By Seaxan


What is equality and who benefits?

Equality :- The state of being equal, esp. in status, rights, and opportunities.

Is this true for England and indeed the UK as a whole? Are we treated equally? Do the English have the same opportunities and equal status as the increasing black and ethnic "minority" population? The answer to that question is no. The English, and indeed whites in general rarely have any support groups. Blacks and ethnic "minorities" on the other hand have a bewildering amount of support groups and websites. I say ethnic minorities, as that's the term used by the leftist media and government do-gooders to describe the population that is outside the majority. In England, the ethnic (or white) English are clearly the majority, so therefore we can't possibly have the need for any support groups. However, the ethnic English are only the majority in England. Take into the account the world population, and the ethnic English are then seen as an ethnic minority. This is also common throughout other white nations.

The left will argue that we don't need support groups. We're the majority and immigration isn't a threat. Now considering our numbers are falling both in England and worldwide, and that the non-white population is on the increase, I'd assume that we can only arrive at one conclusion. The English are already a world minority, and given the current figures we will also become a minority within England. As stated previously, this is also true for other white nations.


The Battle of Flodden (Snippets)

May 16 2012 05:15 PM | Comments (4) | By Seaxan


A summary (snippet) of The Battle of Flodden Field aka the Battle of Branxton Moor.

To tell you plaine, twelve thousand were slaine,
that to the fight did stand;
And many prisoners tooke that day,
the best in all Scotland.

That day made many a fatherlesse childe,
and many a widow poore;
And many a Scottish gay Lady,
sate weeping in her bowre.

The Book of Old English Ballads by George Wharton Edwards


The Naming of the English and England

May 15 2012 09:25 PM | Comments (16) | By Yngvi


By George Beech | Published in History Today Volume: 57 Issue: 10

George T. Beech traces the origins of the word England to the period 1014 to 1035 and suggests how and why it came to be the recognized term for the country.

Names are as essential to the identity of countries as they are to individuals, and country names are an indispensable part of the collective identity of the people. Could one conceive of the English people without England? That name is part of its very being. In a literal sense England is simply the name of the land, the country, but in the minds and language of the English it has long taken on additional meanings. An example is Rupert Brooke’s ‘The Soldier’, written prior to his military service and death in the First World War. (If I should die, think only this of me: That there’s some corner of a foreign field/That is for ever England.) For Brooke, England was not only his home but also a source of his life, his intellect, his appreciation of beauty. It is difficult to imagine a more emotional evocation of one’s attachment to one’s own country.


T-shirt clearout...

May 11 2012 01:45 PM | Comments (6) | By Seaxan


I've decided to have that clear out of t-shirts I mentioned a while back.

These are limit designs and limited sizes, so it's on a first come, first served basis.

All t-shirts are £9.50 which includes postage and packing (UK only)

If you're interesting in any, just reply here and I'll sort out the rest.


Future updates and a possible Wiki?

Feb 13 2012 09:55 PM | Comments (30) | By Seaxan


Well it's come to that time of the year again when I'll be updating a few things on the site. BUT don't worry as the site won't change from what it is now, I'll just be tidying up a few things. I'll probably be doing the updates in a month or so, so I'll let you know before hand. Like I said, the site will look and function the same, but It should improve things speed wise etc.


A big thanks to the English Shieldwall

Feb 12 2012 02:00 PM | Comments (8) | By Seaxan


I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the ES for their recent donation which is outlined below. This has already been put to good use towards the running costs of the site for the next year. So once again, you have my thanks.